Teacher's Registration Agreement

Distribution agreement

The site owner (Site) of this website,, and teachers (Teacher), who will be registering on this site below, agreed on the following distribution terms.

  1. Any posting for sales must be original work. When we discover any materials posted for sales violate the copy-write act, we will remove them at our discretion.
  2. The teacher agrees and provides Warranty for the items for sale on this website. The teacher also indemnifies Site, Innovative Knowledge, Inc. and its officers, from any claims made for the items listed for sales by Teacher at this site.
  3. The site determines the price of items posted for sale on this site at Site’s discretion.
  4. The teacher will receive 50% of the sales proceed from sales made at this site. The rate of this percentage may change in the future with appropriate notification and acknowledgment.
  5. When any customer claims about the quality of the item that had Teacher sold, Site mediates the complaints between Teacher and customers, but Site makes the final decision of refund for the item sold. When Site refunds to customers, Site will charge back the teacher’s share of the refund at Teacher’s account.
  6. Teacher’s sales amount will have at Credit balance at Teacher’s account. The teacher may choose to cash out at the multiple of $100. An ay amount less than $100 must stay as credit at Teacher’s account. Said a request to cash out the credit must be made according to the process defined at this site.
  7. The site will not file any tax form associated with Teacher’s income associated with the sales of items posted on this website. The teacher handles paying any necessary income tax and other taxes for it.
  8. The teacher shall communicate with a support staff of Site about any dispute or issues. The teacher must make sufficient effort to resolve any issue or dispute before bringing any official action against Site. The teacher must keep the record of communication to proof that Teacher is making the best effort for resolving.
  9. Teachers may not resale the worksheet purchased from another teacher.
  10. The site may determine to remove Teacher from the registration when the complaints about the Teacher is overwhelming. The Site makes a decision without any communication with Teacher.


Click “Agreed” to proceed to the registration. All information must be there as requested below.